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3D Glass Solutions, Inc. (3DGS) is a private late-stage high-tech manufacturing business headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 3DGS’ main operations are focused on the fabrication of electronic system and devices using photo-definable glass-ceramics. 3DGS manufactures a wide variety of glass-based system-in-package (SiP) devices and components using its patented low-loss photosensitive APEX® Glass technology for applications in radio-frequency (RF) electronics, photonics, automotive radar, integrated circuit (IC) electronics, medical, aerospace, defense, wireless infrastructure, mobile handset, and Internet of Things (IOT) industries.
A 99, empresa brasileira de tecnologia que conecta passageiros e motoristas através de seu aplicativo, faz parte da companhia global Didi Chuxing. O aplicativo conecta mais de 700 mil motoristas a 20 milhões de passageiros em mais de 1.600 cidades no Brasil. Como uma das maiores provedoras de mobilidade do País, a plataforma oferece um portifólio de serviços acessíveis e seguros para as pessoas: 99Pop, 99Taxi, 99Top, 99Compartilha, 99Comfort, 99Entrega e 99Food.
9T Labs brings together advanced software, additive manufacturing and industry-standard materials to deliver digital composite production solution. With proprietary 9T Labs Additive Fusion Technology (AFT) technology , manufacturers can create lighter structural parts with true 3d fibre orientation and mass-produce carbon composite at lower cost. Intuitive design software for optimal fiber placement and automated production equipment allows companies to increase competitiveness throughout their whole value chain.
AAC Clyde Space specialise in providing advanced small spacecraft, mission services, and subsystems. We are the market leader in small satellite solutions and services for government, commercial, and educational organisations. Our awesome team offer specialist expertise and experience in delivering a wide range of commercially focused satellite solutions, including Space-as-a-Service; a comprehensive end-to-end mission service where we take care of everything from design to data delivery, enabling our customers to concentrate on their core business. Our range of subsystem and spacecraft products have an impressive on-orbit heritage. Quality and innovation are the foundations of our company and, having proven our approach to building the small satellites since 2005, we have established ourselves firmly as the market-leading provider of small satellite technology and services. AAC Clyde Space is the trading brand formed of ÅAC Microtec and its subsidiary Clyde Space.
AADYAH Aerospace is an AS 9100D Certified Center of Excellence for design, integration and testing of space and defense systems. We engineer intelligence for computer vision, communication and motion control. We provide bespoke solutions in Mechanical, Electronics, Embedded systems and Optics for Space, Aeronautics, Unmanned Platforms and Defense. At AADYAH, we have successfully executed projects for Launch Vehicles, Satellites, UAVs, Missiles and Land Systems.
Aalyria is creating, organizing and managing the world’s most advanced networks to enable connectivity everywhere at the speed of discovery. Aalyria brings together two technologies originally developed at Alphabet as part of its wireless connectivity efforts: atmospheric laser communications technology and a software platform for orchestrating networks across land, sea, air, space and beyond.
ABL Space Systems was founded by former SpaceX engineering leaders in 2017 to develop low-cost launch vehicles for the small satellite industry. ABL is headquartered in El Segundo, California, where it has 30,000 square feet of facilities for research, development, and production. ABL is a privately-owned corporation backed by a premier group of private equity investors
Satellites have changed a lot in the last decade. Propulsion has too. At Accion, we reinvented propulsion for New Space, and created a more efficient ion thruster: the Tiled Ionic Liquid Electrospray (TILE) engine.
Aclima is pioneering an entirely new way to diagnose the health of our air and track climate-changing pollution. Powered by our network of roving and stationary sensors, Aclima measures air pollution and greenhouse gases at unprecedented scales and block-by-block resolution. Our professional analytics software, Aclima Pro, translates billions of scientific measurements into environmental intelligence for governments, companies, and communities. Our free app,, maps address-level air and climate insights for the communities we serve. Aclima is a purpose-driven technology company catalyzing bold climate action that protects public health, reduces emissions, and delivers clean air for all. We're backed by top-tier investors, including Social Capital, Kapor Capital and Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund.
Guoxing Aerospace is a commercial satellite R&D operation and data service innovation company founded by talents in the original satellite and application fields.
Advanced Navigation is a privately owned Australian company that specialises in the development of navigation technologies and robotics. The company has a focus on generating products of the highest quality standard, both in terms of hardware and software. The company's founders came from a background in mission critical robotics built to military specifications and this can be seen through Advanced Navigation's products. Advanced Navigation's engineers have specialised expertise across a broad range of fields including sensors, GNSS, inertial navigation, RF technologies, acoustics, robotics, AI and algorithms.
The Aerospace Laboratory (Aerospacelab in short) is a company established near Brussels aiming at tackling some of the most challenging problems with a completely different paradigm.
Aevum, Inc. provides comprehensive space logistics services to enable government and commercial customers to deploy small payloads in low Earth orbit.
Agile Space Industries Designs, Manufactures, and Tests in-space propulsion solutions to make moonshots possible
AgNext is a fast-growing venture-funded company based in India working on the intersection of hardware, software, and analytics for quality estimation in agriculture and food. AgNext would be keen to hear and work with various agricultural stakeholders who would like to implement data-driven technologies along with agronomic insights.
At AgniKul, we design, manufacture, test and launch orbital class rockets for micro and nano satellites. We currently work out of the National Center for Combustion R&D at IIT-Madras. Rocket scientists, engineers, ex-bankers and space lawyers are a part of our team. This unique blend of people is one of our biggest strengths.
AgriTask provides a holistic agronomic management platform that improves the productivity of agriculture via extensive use of ag-data, AI products, and advanced technologies. AgriTask’s geographic platform and proprietary ‘operating system for agriculture’, facilitate integration with many software and hardware data sources, and the support of a huge variety of agricultural clients worldwide (Growers of any crop, Multi-farm corporates, Ag-buyers, Ag-Insurance / Finance, Government regional projects, etc.) indifferent of their own specialized work methods and needs.
Agrosmart é uma startup brasileira com uma missão: vender soluções inteligentes para o mercado do agronegócio nacional e internacional oferecendo serviços de monitoramento a distância de dados agroeconômicos para automação gerencial.
AiDash is an AI-first vertical SaaS company enabling satellite-powered operations and maintenance for utility, energy, and other core industries with geographically distributed assets. AiDash uses high-resolution, multispectral and SAR data from the world’s leading satellite constellations that are fed into its proprietary AI models to make timely predictions for O&M activities. These AI models empower AiDash’s full-stack applications and enable efficient planning, prioritization, execution, review and audit of O&M activities using satellite analytics at scale.
AiRANACULUS is at the forefront in Intelligent RF and Networking Solutions for applications ranging from Space to Smart Cities. The company has assembled the world’s leading experts to provide algorithms, reference architectures and products in signal processing, cross-layer analysis, cybersecurity and networking to create spectrum aware technologies capable of re-configuring radio and sensor systems for optimal performance in congested and contested environments.
Real-Time Network Automation, Optimization and Predictability
An app-based daily pick/drop service for people in Lahore -- they provide the comfort of air conditioned buses and charge much less than a rickshaw.
We are AirWorks, a SaaS company headquartered in Boston, and we've created a cutting-edge drafting software for civil engineering and land surveying firms. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the AirWorks SaaS product can identify and classify points in any aerial dataset autonomously, later converting those points into fully rendered CAD drawings in record time, saving firms in the AEC industry hours in manual work and thousands of dollars in annual costs. Traditionally, it took complex computers, special software, and hours of engineering work to create engineering plans from aerial data. With AirWorks, you don’t need any of that. We create fully finalized engineering plans in CAD with linework and topography fast. We certainly do it faster than any traditional method.
Aistech is a space company whose main purpose is to get valuable information from Earth using our own nanosatellite network.
Akash Systems is focused on developing and supplying the next generation of small satellites (CubeSats), satellite transmitters, and the RF Power Amplifiers. The company uses new composite material, gallium nitride (GaN)-on-Diamond, invented by Akash cofounder Ejeckam, for their products. GaN-on-Diamond provides a cooler state of operation whichimproves energy efficiency and reduces a system's size, weight, and operating costs.
Alba Orbital build pocketqube spacecraft, inexpensive satellites with impressive performance.
Satellite imagery is a historically-scarce resource, whose adoption has been slowed by an improper balance in the relationship between price and resolution. In theory, frequent, ultra high-resolution imagery of Earth has near infinite applications; in reality, only a sliver of that potential has been realized. Albedo is collecting aerial quality imagery - from space. We aim to be the catalyst in unlocking satellite imagery’s latent potential, looking to expand current applications and propel the discovery of new use cases. Whether our imagery is being used to reduce wildfire risk in California, assess environmental impact of global forestry, contribute to timely 3D reconstructions of urban areas, or monitor carbon emissions from industrial power plants, our mission is to get better data into the hands of decision markers fast. We’re modernizing how satellite imagery is used by providing near real-time access to our ultra-high resolution data.
ALCAN Systems unique liquid crystal based antenna technology enables to produce a low-cost and low-power 5G mmWave antenna for fixed and mobile applications.
Alén uncloses the new space revolution to orbit your business model. Design, build and deliver high-quality nanosatellite turnkey missions
ALL.SPACE, formerly Isotropic Systems, has developed the 5th generation smart terminal, capable of linking with all satellites, all networks, in all orbits, all at once. Our ground-breaking software-defined service enablement platform integrates intelligent routing, edge computing and on-demand services to deliver unprecedented network resilience and application performance. Whether you're on land, sea or air, we ensure that you stay connected. Our S2000 range is customisable across a range of sizes, Tx/Rx ratios, aperture combinations and scan ranges with up to 8,100 unique configurable options. Our modular architecture allows you to pick the exact terminal configuration to meet your requirements.
Allvision is a software company providing high definition, time-based maps for mobility, infrastructure, and transportation.
Altius Space Machines is a space robotics and technology startup with expertise in orbital rendezvous and capture robotics, active debris removal, spacecraft mechanisms, in-space propellant transfer, satellite servicing, on-orbit assembly and manufacturing. As a member of the Voyager Space Holdings family, Altius is comprised of a talented team of engineers, physicists, roboticists, and space entrepreneurs, working together to design, manufacture, and test game-changing technologies for satellite, launch vehicle, and space facility customers.
Amazon Robotics is headquartered in the greater Boston area, the epicenter of robotics innovation. Our diverse team of engineers come from all over the world to design, test, and build our dynamic fleet of robots and mechatronic systems. Having our offices, labs, test floors, and factories co-located means that we can design the hardware, write the code, test, build, and watch it all come to life. This allows us to innovate quickly on limitless ideas. Advancements are underway in autonomous movement and mobility, artificial intelligence and machine learning, manipulation, simulation, robotic management software, predictive analytics, and much more.
Ambisense has been driving innovation within the environmental space. Our vision is to transform how environmental risks are assessed and managed through the use of advanced analytics. To deliver this, we empower our clients with the best in class environmental insights harnessed through automated data collection, analysis, machine learning and AI. These enable our customers to make evidence-based decisions in-real time at significantly lower cost.
AmigoCloud is a geospatial platform that helps you collect, manage, analyze, visualize, and publish your location data.
Amphinicy Technologies is a Computer Software company which provides it, consulting, software, mnc, and interactive tv.
Anagog is the world’s first Mobile Customer Engagement Platform with a privacy-first On-Phone design and a leader in context-relevant hyper-personalization. We help companies deliver on the promise of Hyper-Personalized Engagement, using a wide range of first party data, while keeping that data on the phone, to reassure consumers that their privacy comes first. Making it a win-win for both companies and consumers. For the first time ever, we're running the marketing engagement and AI Engines directly on the phone, solving the ever-growing privacy issue and high cloud costs associated with hyper-personalization. While doing that, the phone is also focusing on what its owner is doing in the real-world by using the mobile device’s sensors. Placing all that intelligence on mobile phones means that companies no longer have to collect personal data, or use tracking mechanisms such as cookies or unique IDs to offer customers perfectly targeted engagement, at the exact moment.
Anduril is not a traditional defense contractor. We are shaping the future of defense, transforming US & allied military capabilities with advanced technology. We emphasize speed and results and control our products from start to finish, including funding R&D to selling finished products off the shelf. Today, Anduril is in a rapid growth phase, deploying technology in diverse locations and developing path-making products that will change defense forever. We believe that everyone at Anduril can be a catalyst. Your perspective can change lives, and we want to help you make your mark. Our team includes thinkers and doers working interdependently. We bring the brightest minds and best-in-class talent together with veterans who have lived the problems of our warfighters.
Anuvu is a leading provider of satellite-based broadband connectivity, television and entertainment services, content and data analytics to aviation, maritime, enterprise and government markets. Anuvu offers a fully integrated portfolio of rich media content and high-speed connectivity solutions for airlines, private jets, cruise lines, commercial ships, super-yachts, ferries, enterprise, government and military installations worldwide with proprietary performance-enhancing technologies and exclusive access to premium media. With 1,500 employees on six continents and leading global satellite and ground networks, the company delivers exceptional service and concierge support to its customers.
Apeiron Labs is reimagining ocean monitoring by developing technologies to reduce the cost of ocean sensing by orders of magnitude. We are a venture-backed company and our co-founders, Applied Invention and S2G Ventures, have a successful track record of creating and investing in some of the world’s most impactful technologies and companies. Apeiron means unbounded in Greek. The challenge and opportunity are unbounded, and your unbounded creativity can be part of the solution!
Apex manufactures satellite buses at scale using a combination of software, vertical integration, and hardware that is designed for manufacturing. Our spacecraft enable the future of society: ranging from earth observation to communications and more.
Arbol is launching an insurance marketplace that connects weather exposed agricultural entities with capital providers like insurers and asset managers. Arbol’s parametric insurance platform removes information asymmetry and reduces administrative costs by leveraging objective data from satellites and weather stations.
We are an in-space propulsion company. We design, develop and commercialise engines and propulsion systems based on green propellants; the best alternative to current hydrazine-based toxic solutions, at a fraction of the cost. We are enablers of the space logistics market, and we want to lead the transition towards a greener in-space propulsion landscape.
Arlula provides satellite imaging and data services through our marketplace of satellite operators.
The page for stakeholders in the Arqit Quantum Key Distribution System
We are the only supplier of national terrestrial television and radio broadcasting services in the UK, consistently delivering digital TV, analogue and digital radio to people in all four corners of the country. We also distribute over 1,000 channels internationally using our fibre and satellite infrastructure. Our advanced, dedicated networks are also supporting the management of critical data and content for connected devices including smart TVs and smart meters for water, gas and electricity.
Arralis is a rapidly scaling technology company, providing world leading expertise in RF, micro, and millimetre-wave technology. It excels in Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs), packaged component modules, proprietary antenna technology, and integrated Radar and Communications front-end platforms. Its products, which are the ultimate in precision and innovation, are used in both global and space environments where accuracy and reliability are critical. its also creates partnerships with other leading technology providers to build bespoke high performance, cutting-edge solutions. Arralis provides added value through advanced, research, and innovation aligning its solutions with its client’s strategic objectives.
High quality 3D imagery is the key to understanding the world around us and is critically important to a host of traditional and emerging industries. However, current methods of supplying this data are slow, expensive, or low-quality. Array Labs is developing next-generation earth observation satellites which will deliver a complete perspective of the earth in near-real time.
Arturo is a deep learning spin-out from a Fortune 500 company focused on delivering highly accurate measurement and predictive data.
ABS is a dynamic and fast growing global satellite operator. ABS offers a complete range of tailored solutions including broadcasting, data and telecommunication services to broadcasters, service providers, enterprises and government organizations. ABS operates a fleet of satellites; ABS-2, ABS-2A, ABS-3A, ABS-4/Mobisat-1, ABS-6 and ABS-7. The satellite fleet covers 93% of the world’s population across Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, CIS and Russia. ABS has offices in the United States, UAE, South Africa and Asia. ABS is majority owned by funds managed by the European Private Equity firm Permira. The Permira funds acquired ABS in 2010.
AST & Science and our global partners are building the first and only space-based cellular broadband network to be accessible by standard smartphones. Called SpaceMobile, this ultra-powerful network is being designed to provide connectivity at 4G/5G speeds everywhere on the planet – on land, at sea and in flight. For the first time ever, mobile subscribers will be able to automatically roam from land networks to a space network. Whether in the most remote location, on rural farmland or in the midst of a crisis or natural disaster, people will remain connected no matter what – without having to invest in expensive, specialized hardware.
ASTERRA is a division of Utilis that provides data driven solutions for water utilities, government agencies and the greater infrastructure industry. ASTERRA products use synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data from satellites and turn it into large scale decision support tools. The company’s proprietary algorithms and highly educated scientists and engineers are the key to their mission, to deliver actionable intelligence to advance Earth’s resource resilience. Since 2016, Utilis technology has resulted in saving more than 9000 million gallons of potable water and 22,000 MWH of energy per year, in support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The Utilis ASTERRA division is headquartered in Israel with offices in the United States and United Kingdom. Their innovative data solutions are used in multiple verticals around the globe.
Astra’s mission is to Improve Life on Earth from Space® by creating a healthier and more connected planet. Today, Astra offers one of the lowest cost-per-launch dedicated orbital launch services of any operational launch provider in the world, and one of the industry’s first flight-proven electric propulsion systems for satellites, Astra Spacecraft Engine™. Astra delivered its first commercial launch to low Earth orbit in 2021, making it the fastest company in history to reach this milestone, just five years after it was founded in 2016. Astra (NASDAQ: ASTR) was the first space launch company to be publicly traded on Nasdaq.
GeoSpatial AI SaaS start-up with end-to-end platform for rapid, cost-effective development of GeoAI applications using EO satellite imagery
Astranis is a developer of a new satellite technology that aims to transmit data down to specific terrestrial locations with each satellite it launches. The company's mission is to help get online the 4 billion people who are without internet access. It was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.
Astrapi is an early-stage company licensing a transformative form of signal modulation, based on complex spirals that demonstrate an order of magnitude performance improvement over traditional circle-based signal modulation. These performance advantages have already been demonstrated both mathematically and in software simulation, including band-limiting using pulse-shaping filters and insertion of both Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) and coherent noise.
Astro Digital provides customers with complete space-based systems and mission support services for applications such as earth observation, satellite communications, science, and technology demonstrations.
Astrobotic is the Moon company and more. We develop advanced navigation, operation, and computing systems for spacecraft, and our fleet of lunar landers and rovers deliver payloads to the Moon for companies, governments, universities, non-profits, and individuals. To date, we have two fully funded lunar lander missions on the books, more than 50 prior and ongoing NASA and commercial technology contracts and a corporate sponsorship with DHL.
ASTROCAST SA is a Swiss-based, privately owned start-up, created on September 24th, 2014. Its core project is based on a constellation of 64 nano-satellites to be launched on a Low-Earth Orbit (LEO). The goal is to offer global Machine-to-Machine communication services for global businesses at the lowest cost in the industry. ASTROCAST is offering an attractive investment opportunity for capital investors with strong added value. The ASTROCAST team has also been involved in the creation of Switzerland's first satellite - SwissCube, as well as numerous other highly-advanced projects in the space arena.
Our mission is to expand humanity’s capabilities to utilize the untapped resources in space.
Astroscale is the first private company with a vision for the safe and sustainable development of space for the benefit of future generations, and the only company solely dedicated to on-orbit servicing across all orbits. Founded in 2013, Astroscale is developing innovative and scalable solutions across the spectrum of on-orbit servicing, including life extension, in situ space situational awareness, end of life, and active debris removal, to create sustainable space systems and mitigate the growing and hazardous buildup of debris in space. Astroscale is also defining business cases and working with government and commercial stakeholders to develop norms, regulations, and incentives for the responsible use of space.
Athenium develops and delivers exceptional Quality Assurance solutions for continuous performance improvement for insurers worldwide. Our TEAMThink QA measurement, analytics and development planning solutions provide our customers with meaningful and timely performance information. We partner with our clients to ensure that they derive the greatest return on their QA investment.
ATLAS Space Operations provides a revolutionary approach to satellite communications. Due to advancements in launch and satellite hardware, the space industry has experienced a drastic increase in the number of satellites that are being put into orbit. This growth created a data bottleneck here on Earth, with no solution in sight. Enter ATLAS. At ATLAS, we believe that exceptional performance shouldn't be cost prohibitive, so we implemented a software-centric, cloud-based approach to satellite communications — the Freedom™ Software Platform. This proprietary software allows us to cut costly overhead, streamline operations, and quickly deliver valuable data to our customers for a multitude of applications. To compliment our software offering, we developed a resilient network of antennas designed to cover more of the globe without increasing costs to the customer. Built around the Freedom™ Software Platform, our network provides a simple, affordable, scalable option for satellite operators and launch companies alike.
Atlas AI is an analytics platform that guides the deployment of investment and other resource allocation decisions in the emerging markets.
Atmo is using AI and petascale data to build weather decision-making engines for every business. The company's application uses cloud infrastructure to process the weather data, determine foot traffic, anticipate delivery delays, by using machine learning, enabling clients to know about the climatic changes thus conserving time and resources while facilitating teams to make smarter, faster decisions.
Developer of electric propulsion orbital transfer vehicles. The company's vehicles rendezvouses with customer payloads in easily accessible, affordable low orbits along with disposal of defunct satellites through deorbiting or removal to a graveyard orbit, enabling space transportation companies to access their spacecraft to move satellites and other assets between orbits and to other destinations.
Aurelia Institute is a nonprofit architecture research & development lab, education and outreach center, and policy hub dedicated to building humanity’s future in space.
Aurora Insight offers a one-of-a-kind service that accurately and impartially measures the radio frequency spectrum. We collect, process and make available detailed data and knowledge, gained first-hand from proprietary technology. Our data makes it easier for business dependent on telecommunications infrastructure to access the insight they need to make critical service and investment decisions. As a result, we help improve communication for all.
Aurora Solar is a leading design and sales software platform for solar installers that automates and streamlines end-to-end solar installation design process by accounting for a multitude of factors including building structures, local surroundings, weather date, utility rates, and energy consumption profiles. Aurora Solar's vision is to build the operating system of the solar industry - the platform on which all solar installations are designed, sold, and financed.
Automile, an IoT company, provides real-time gps tracking and management of fleets and assets. Real-time updates, trip logging, routing, idling, utilization, speeding, geofencing and alerts.
AutoX is a self-driving car startup that offers AI drivers to enable universal access to transportation for the people.
Avanti Communications is the leading Ka-band high throughput satellite capacity partner to the communications industry in EMEA - extending and guaranteeing coverage for defence missions, enterprise solutions and critical public services.
AVIO S.p.A is an aerospace company that specializes in Launch System Integration and Spacecraft propulsion.
Axelspace is a provider of complete, ready-to-launch space solutions for businesses. By specializing in micro-satellite technology, we can serve ultra-low cost products and services in short time frames, making the benefits of Space utilization available to markets and companies that were previously cut out. Axelspace inaugurated AxelGlobe project in 2015, where 50 microsatellites are to be placed in orbit to realize the daily monitoring platform of the entire globe. We plan to launch first 3 satellites at the end of 2017, and to complete the constellation by 2022.
Axiom Space provides access to the International Space Station today while building the world's first commercial space station.
AxleHire is a fully integrated same-day and next-day delivery platform. It enables their clients to surpass demanding consumer expectations, providing a frictionless delivery experience. AxleHire uses a proprietary technology platform that enables efficiency and meticulous transparency, resulting in a more fluid customer experience and reliability that revolves around the customer's brand.
Microsoft's cloud-based Space initiatives powered by Azure technology including high-performance compute, networking, engineering systems, and advanced analytics.
Powered by endlessly curious people with an unwavering mission focus, Ball Aerospace pioneers discoveries that enable our customers to perform beyond expectation and protect what matters most. We create innovative space solutions, enable more accurate weather forecasts, drive insightful observations of our planet, deliver actionable data and intelligence, and ensure those who defend our freedom go forward bravely and return home safely.
Base Operations helps companies keep their people and operations secure with Micro-Intelligence, or street-level threat assessments. Using AI to aggregate public and proprietary information, Base Operations has created the world’s largest dataset of global threat patterns. A visualization platform helps companies conduct geolocation-based analysis for travel safety, threat intelligence, crisis management, and site selection and expansion.
One Hundred Feet, Inc. is a venture backed startup located in Palo Alto, California. We are solving one of the hardest problems in the logistics ecosystem - optimizing the last 500 feet of delivery. On demand economy is riddled with this issue, and we are challenging the status-quo by creating new data that has never existed before. Our proprietary models use this data to build optimized routes, cutting down discovery and travel times by over 25%.
Bear Flag Robotics is developing autonomous farming technology. Growers can orchestrate a fleet of autonomous equipment directly from their smartphone or tablet, allowing them to realize productivity gains and reduce their operational expenses.
Benchmark Labs offers field-specific environmental forecasts for the agricultural, energy and insurance sectors; unlike traditional forecast providers, Benchmark Labs offers in-situ forecasts not average conditions that do not reflect farm-scale microclimates. Their solution increases operational margins and opportunity costs by improving labor scheduling, water and energy management, and by enabling better spraying practices.
Benchmark Space Systems is focused on providing the most cost-effective propulsion solution for your Small Satellite mission needs, from simple orbit adjustments to high-agility maneuvers.
Betterview is a data and risk analytics platform for property insurers
Developer of a simulation software intended to creates custom virtual worlds. The company's software generates synthetic training data using 3D graphics to simulate events that are hard to come by in real life, such as traffic accidents and natural disasters, to detect rare and critical defects and build models faster, enabling AI developers to create datasets faster and at lower costs.
Bird is passionate about vibrant communities that have less traffic, cleaner air, and safer streets. We’re working with cities and universities across the world to provide new transportation options, complement public transit systems, and invest in safety infrastructure that benefits everyone.
BlaBlaCar is the world’s leading long-distance carpooling platform – a global, trusted community of over 100 million drivers and passengers in 22 countries. The platform connects people looking to travel long distances with drivers heading the same way, so they can travel together and share the cost. With the recent integration of a coach network and a commuter carpooling service, BlaBlaCar aims to become the go-to for shared mobility. Affordable, convenient and user-friendly, wherever there’s a road, there’s a BlaBlaCar. provides powerful insights into the world by extracting information from satellite imagery fully automatically. A scalable artificial intelligence builds the core of the Blackshark platform, detecting features with incredible precision and speed. A novel machine learning approach was developed to train a neural network for new features rapidly, enabling Blackshark to serve various use cases in many different industries.
BlackSky Global is a satellite-imaging-as-a-service startup based in Seattle.
Bliq helps gig workers in the transport industry to automate the organization of their daily work. The “Bliq Ride” app allows registered drivers to accept or reject orders from multiple platforms. The company is based in Berlin and was founded in 2018 by Julian Glaab (CEO), Johannes Riedel (COO), and Torgen Hauschild (CTO).
Blue Canyon Technologies is a leading provider of turnkey small satellite solutions, including nanosatellites, microsatellites, and ESPA-class. We specialize in precision pointing platforms based upon our high-performance attitude determination and control components. BCT’s highly experienced staff has developed low cost, flight-proven, high-performance, high-reliability spacecraft systems and components that enable a wide range of missions for academic, commercial, and government applications. Our state-of-the-art spacecraft and subsystems are supporting LEO, GEO, Lunar, and interplanetary missions.
Blue Origin is an aerospace company that focuses on lowering the cost of spaceflight and helping to explore the solar system. Blue Origin’s engines are designed, developed and manufactured in the United States. They provide great control with a precisely timed start, high-power thrust for launch, deep throttling for landing, and stop and restart capabilities. Since our first, simple, single-propellant engine – the BE-1 – we’ve built and tested multiple generations for suborbital and orbital spaceflight.
We are just a bunch of developers in a garage trying to save the planet with the help of satellite data and technology.
Bluedot is a location technology company helping businesses deliver high impact experiences and contactless solutions in moible apps.
Bluefield provides independent ESG data (such as methane emissions) on 4 million assets and 120,000 companies in over 130 countries. We apply our proprietary algorithm (utilizing AI and ML techniques) on data from 23 different satellites, a range of ground sensors (such as airport anemometers), government records, and other reliable independent data sources.
BlueHalo is purpose-built to provide industry leading capabilities in Space Superiority, Directed Energy, Missile Defense and C4ISR, and Cyber and Intelligence mission solutions.
Bluestaq is a technology company developing transformative enterprise data management systems enabling secure real-time data collaboration around the world. Bluestaq produces cutting edge data analytics using state of the art Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning solutions. Enabling secure connected global operations through leading-edge enterprise software and mission analytics.
Bolt is a transportation platform providing ride-hailing and scooter sharing services with more than 25 million users in over 30 countries globally including Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Ghana, Hungary, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania, Uganda, Ukraine, and UK.
Bounce is India's first smart mobility solution, with a mission of making daily commute stress-free, time-saving, reliable and convenient. Here's how easy it is to bounce : Book a ride on the app, Pick up the bike, Enter the OTP, Ride to the destination and move on! With a breakthrough technology that lets users access the bike with just an OTP, our state-of-the-art Keyless bikes, have not only done away with keys, but the whole process of renting a bike has just become devoid of any physical or human intervention.
BreezoMeter transforms live environmental intelligence into actionable insights and delivers them to consumers through mobile apps, smart home IoT devices, cars and other connected experiences. Brands like Dyson, L’Oreal, Yahoo, Astrazeneca, Siemens, Boehringer Ingelheim, Johnson & Johnson, Dermalogica and more rely on BreezoMeter to provide real-time air quality data to their customers, so they can make informed decisions about when to go outside, how to best protect themselves, which travel routes to take, and even where to live. BreezoMeter uses AI and machine learning to gather and understand data from multiple sources — including more than 47,000 sensors worldwide. The result is street-level air quality resolution (within 5 meters), and pollen, pollutants and fire data, in more than 100 countries.
BridgeComm, Inc. is a global leader in optical wireless communications (OWC) solutions and services. BridgeComm has developed the proprietary Managed Optical Communication Array (MOCA) hardware and software technology. MOCA technology allows for multi-domain capabilities to share large volumes of data and collaborate significantly faster with increased security. BridgeComm’s MOCA technology enables a point-to-multipoint (PtMP) laser communications solution with a rapid non-mechanical steerable system that achieves multi-target transmit and receive connections, while significantly reducing the size, weight, and power of traditional tracking OWC terminals. The technology is modular and scalable, allowing for rapid development and implementation of terminals suitable for space, air, land, and sea domains.
Broadpeak designs and manufactures video delivery components for Content Providers and Network Service Providers deploying IPTV, Cable and OTT services. Its portfolio of solutions and technologies powers the delivery of movies, television programming and other content over managed networks and the internet for viewing on any type of device. The company’s systems and services help operators increase market share and improve subscriber loyalty with superior quality of experience.
The Brooke Owens Fellowship is a highly competitive internship and mentorship program designed to honor the memory of beloved space industry pioneer and accomplished pilot, Brooke Owens, by inspiring and training exceptional college-aged women seeking a career in aviation or space exploration. Women and gender-minorities pursuing undergraduate degrees at any institution of higher learning and studying any discipline are eligible to apply. Fellows earn a meaningful, paid summer internship position at one of 30+ amazing air and space organizations, ranging from small start-up to space agencies to the most popular companies in the business.
Founded in 2016, Budbee is a Sweden-based tech company with the mission to make online shopping easier. Charged with a self-learning system and bespoke algorithms, Budbee reaches more than 35 million people in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands - either through the extensive network of parcel lockers or with home deliveries. From the very start, Budbee has put the consumer’s needs first and so far, more than 7 million unique customers have been served with same or next-day deliveries using bikes, electrical vehicles, and biofuels. Budbee's services are used by hundreds of large e-commerce companies, including ASOS, Zalando, Inditex and H&M. Backed by Kinnevik, Stena Sessan and AMF among others, Budbee is on track to become the leading European e-commerce platform. Always with the customer at heart.
Bykea is a technology company that provides INSTANT Transport and Courier Services to save customers time & money. As a social impact company, we provide perhaps the first taste of utility for the millions who till date have used the power of the internet only for entertainment till date. Savings - We operate in geographies where people are not rich. Car bookings are expensive and we bring affordable ride hailing and parcel booking to the masses.
Cabify, company that has been a signatory member of the UN Global Compact since 2018, connects private users and companies with the means of transport that best suit their needs. Its main objective is to make cities a better place to live. For this, it seeks to decongest the streets by providing, through technology, a safe and quality transport option.
Cailabs is a French deep tech company, based in Rennes, which designs, produces and sells photonic solutions to fully exploit the industrial potential opened up by the shaping of light. Cailabs develops and produces a unique range of optical components based on its know-how and its patented technological innovations, in particular Multi-Plane Light Conversion (MPLC).
Cambridge Mobile Telematics develops DriveWell, a complete telematics and behavioral analytics solution to improve safety.
Caocao Chuxing provides a ride-hailing service throughout cities in Chnia. It offers energy-focused mobility service that creates zero emissions and zero pollution with the help of an electric vehicle. Caocao Chuxing began operation in 2015, with its headquarters in Hangzhou in China. It is a subsidiary company of Geely Holdings.
AI-enabled property intelligence
Capella Space is an Earth observation company that provides timely and reliable visibility with its Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) small satellite constellation. Capella is the first U.S. company to launch and operate commercial SAR and offers the highest resolution imagery available (50cm x 50cm). Capella's novel satellites are matched with a market-leading cloud infrastructure delivering global insights to Defense & Intelligence, government and commercial customers.
We produce multi-functional materials from Carbice® Carbon that set the standard for performance, reliability and low-cost assembly within the world’s most important electronic, energy and industrial products.
Carbon Mapper is a non-profit organization with a public-good mission to detect, pinpoint, quantify and track 80% of the world’s methane and carbon dioxide (CO2) point source emissions. The Carbon Mapper public-private partnership includes Planet Labs, Inc., the California Air Resources Board, the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).
CarbonSpace is an AI and satellite-powered B2B SaaS Platform for Carbon and GHG emissions monitoring and verification. CarbonSpace helps map real-time carbon footprints and creates transparency in the process, empowering companies and regulators and facilitating climate-responsible actions.
At Careem, we are driven by the purpose of simplifying the lives of people and building an awesome organisation that inspires. Based in Dubai, we started our journey as a pioneer of the Middle East’s ride-hailing economy. Today, Careem is the region’s everyday Super App operational in 13 countries and over 100 cities. The Super App provides a host of daily services that people need to move around, to order things and to transfer money in one unified smartphone app. Our goal is to simplify people’s daily lives so that they can spend their precious time and mindshare on things that really matter and on realizing their potential.
CargoMetrics operates as a data analytics company that engages in the analysis of global maritime trade.
Carma is an IT company that leads in mobility services in carpooling, carsharing, commuting, and tolling.
From smartphones to connected cars, location data is changing the way we live and the way we run businesses. Everything happens somewhere, but visualizing data to see where things are isn’t the same as understanding why they happen there. CARTO is the world’s leading Location Intelligence platform, enabling organizations to use spatial data and analysis for more efficient delivery routes, better behavioural marketing, strategic store placements, and much more.
CATALYST is a PCI Geomatics Enterprise Inc brand, where we make actionable Earth observation intelligence available​ to decision makers that seek to ensure a sustainable and manageable planet.
Ceres Imaging is a California-based aerial spectral imagery and analytics company that serves farmers and agribusinesses. Using proprietary sensors, analytics, machine learning models, and plant science, Ceres delivers university-validated imagery-based intelligence to farms in the US and Australia. This enables customers to identify pest, disease, water, and fertilizer issues weeks before they are visible to the naked eye.
Cervest is pioneering Earth Science AI to help businesses, governments and growers adapt to climate volatility. Using machine learning, it generates real-time streamed ‘signals’ to answer questions linked to climate uncertainty, land, and natural resources. It brings clarity to decisions to help mitigate risk, safeguard food and ensure economic security – and supports the restoration and resilience of our planet and its people.
Cesium is an end-to-end platform for tiling, visualizing, and analyzing 3D geospatial data
CesiumAstro delivers communication systems for Satellites, UAVs, launch vehicles, and other space or airborne platforms. Each of their products combines carefully selected COTS components with the traditional reliability necessary for aerospace systems. They believe that effective hardware solutions should not require added engineering from their customers, enabling them to focus on their core mission. Their team consists of talented engineers and scientists skilled in the design, development, manufacturing, and qualification of complex communication systems.
Chloris Geospatial is dedicated to innovative measurements of natural capital - check out our global aboveground biomass map at
CiBO Technologies develops a land information platform designed to facilitate agriculture scaling.
Citizen is the No. 1 public safety app in the U.S., with a mission to make the world a safer place. Citizen provides 911 alerts so people can use their phones to keep themselves, and the people and places they love, safe. Citizen has notified people to evacuate burning buildings, deterred school buses from nearby terrorist attacks, and led to the rescue of kidnapped children and missing people. Citizen’s 911 alerts are accompanied by live stories, real-time updates, and user-generated content so app users never have to wonder why there are helicopters overhead or fire engines flying by. By broadcasting from the scene of an incident, communicating with one another, and reading live updates, communities are empowered by Citizen. We act fast, break news, and give people the immediate information they need to stay safe. And we’re just getting started.
ClearRoad empowers governments with digital tools to better maintain, manage, and fund transportation and mobility through road usage pricing and lightweight technologies. The ClearRoad Road Pricing Platform enables the next generation of Congestion Pricing, Road Usage Charging, Tolling, and New Mobility Management while being flexible and responsive to cities’ & governments’ 21st Century needs. Find us at to learn more about ClearRoad’s customized, future-proof road usage pricing solutions to manage and fund mobility in your community.
In-orbit servicing for sustainable space operations.
The Climate Corporation is a technology platform helping people and businesses manage and adapt to climate change.
Climate X is a purpose-driven data company delivering location-specific risk ratings and loss estimates for extreme weather events linked to climate change.
At ClimateAI, we seek to climateproof the global economy while aiming for zero loss of lives, livelihoods, and nature. We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers who all believe that climate change is the most important problem of our generation.
Climavision is a pioneering weather services and intelligence platform.
We monitor floods around the world & map flood exposure for developing gov’ts & vulnerable communities on the street.
Cluster is the first U.S. marketplace matching Industry 4.0 skills to jobs and training at aviation, aerospace, defense and automotive companies. American industrial companies are being transformed by technology. Hiring and upskilling talent is the industrial sector's most urgent priority amidst a labor shortage and growing wave of retirements.
42dot is a technology company pioneering frictionless transportation services. Central to these efforts is the development of the Urban Mobility Operating System (UMOS) a cloud-based mobility platform that will accelerate the transition to autonomous transportation-as-a-service (aTaaS) with diversified self-driving ground and airborne vehicles. UMOS is a comprehensive platform with a functionality that spans all layers of the aTaaS stack: a user interface that provides access to connected mobility and lifestyle services, smart algorithms for fleet dispatching and management, cutting-edge extra-definition map and routing technology, and autonomous machines. Together, they create a centralized, fully autonomous, and self-managed mobility infrastructure of the future.
Redefining how space systems are operated at scale through intelligent orchestration.
Developer of 3D spatial analytics and user feedback tools designed to help organizations to quickly and easily display analytics on their users' sessions and collect deep metrics on users behavior and feedback. The company's 3D spatial analytics and user feedback tools offers enterprise grade data analytic, insights and analytic tools such as heat mapping, A/B testing and segmentation and measures user behavior, engagement and entertainment value, enabling organizations to collect users feedback.
CollectiveCrunch is a leader in AI for the forestry industry. We ‘collect’ climate, geo and process data to ‘crunch’ this information for deeper insights and prediction. Our Linda Forest solution predicts forest inventories far more accurately than conventional solutions. This is applied to commercial forests for planning, as well as for carbon and sustainability projects to monitor carbon stocks and forest health.
Comwave is Canada’s largest independent communications company, serving over 1100 cities in Canada and over 1,600 in the United States. Our suite of services are segmented into Consumer, Business Enterprise and Wholesale, and to support our customers we operate our network through three geographically diverse data centers.
Concirrus Quest products access and interpret large sets of static demographic and dynamic behaviour-based data sets, and combine these with historical claims information to reveal the behaviours that correlate to claims. The outcome is new insights and rating factors that simply did not exist before, the ability to better deploy risk capital, improve loss ratios and drive down operating costs.
ConstellR is a joint spin-off from German Fraunhofer and the German Aerospace Center and will answer the increasing need for Land Surface Temperature data as well as drastically improve humankind's capability to timely act on emerging environmental challenges.
Convoy is a digital freight network solving problems in the $800B trucking industry. We partner with the best trucking companies and shippers to move millions of truckloads, rethink freight fundamentals, and design innovative solutions that address supply chain inefficiencies. By continuing to raise the bar on tools, services, and insights available for shippers and carriers, we help businesses improve their transportation and create a more sustainable future.
Coord helps cities manage their streets, starting with the curb. The company was founded with the belief that streets should serve people - not vehicles. Coord is the only comprehensive curb management platform, empowering cities with the necessary tools to digitally inventory, price, allocate and manage the curb. The platform supports over 17,000 curb miles across 15 cities, with the goal of serving over 100 cities across the globe by 2021. Coord is based in New York City, and backed by Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs, Alliance Ventures, Trucks, and DB Digital Ventures.
Location based data, analytics and services to help insurers, retailers and real estate professionals make better location based decisions.
Chengdu Xinglianxintong Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in the field of satellite communication applications. It is committed to the development of ground-end equipment and application systems for satellite communication systems. The company specializes in the development of independent controllable satellite communication baseband chips, modules, terminals and systems. The products cover the three major directions of space-based Internet of Things, satellite broadband Internet and satellite mobile communications, and provide independent and controllable core equipment, operation services and application solutions for the "space-ground integrated information network".
Creativity Software provides location-based services (LBS) for mobile units. It offers LBS applications for mobile and Internet technologies, which include TransportWise, a vehicle tracking and fleet management platform for service providers and mobile operators to offer software as a service for their enterprise, and small and medium-sized enterprises customers; FamilyWise, a family finder solution that tracks the mobile phones of the people it locates using the infrastructure of the mobile operator and enables users to locate friends or family members; and TravelWise, a travel content mobilization platform that delivers city guide information to customers, and allows users to search the rough guides content database and get information on travel spots in Europe.
CropIn is a leading AI and Data-led agri-tech​ organization that provides SaaS solutions to agribusinesses globally using deep learning.
Location intelligence and measurement company
Curb, the mobile ride hailing app from Verifone Taxi Systems, connects you to safe, reliable rides from professional drivers in 65 US cities. Request your ride with the tap of a button, track your driver's arrival and pay your fare seamlessly. By bringing technology to the taxi experience, Curb offers customers choice and convenience whenever they ride. Curb was acquired by Verifone, Inc. in October 2015.
D-Orbit is the global market leader in the space logistics and transportation service industries with a track record of space-proven technologies, successful missions, and customer outcomes. The company has developed proprietary space logistics technology and transportation solutions to accelerate the growth and development of a trillion-dollar space economy through an incremental strategic approach to the space marketplace to deliver successful customer outcomes today while developing advanced products and services for the needs of tomorrow.
dataPlor provides enterprises highly accurate points of interest (POI) data to grow in emerging economies, particularly Latin America (LATAM). SMBs in these regions are volatile, yet provide valuable insights into economic health and activity. Mapping, marketing and data teams at today's largest companies (including Google, American Express and Uber Eats) use our comprehensive business records in order to grow in Latin America. dataPlor is a U.S. based and venture-backed by leading investment firms including Quest Venture Partners, ffVC, Space Capital, and Magma Partners.
Datum is transforming the component-sourcing landscape within advanced manufacturing. We help rocket, spacecraft, automotive, and other advanced product manufacturers procure custom hardware and manage supplier networks. Datum offers two primary solutions: The Datum Platform automates the procurement process of precision CNC Machined parts by matching a component's geometry, size, and material to suppliers with optimal equipment and skillset. The Datum Managed Services division is a "Special Forces" supply chain team hired by OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers to source and procure custom hardware. Working with manufacturing verticals such as CNC Machining, Composites, Sheet Metal, Wire Harnessing, etc., we specialize in New Product Introduction (NPI) supply chain, bringing engineering concepts to life.
Based in New Zealand and the Netherlands, Dawn Aerospace is building same-day reusable launch vehicles and non-toxic satellite propulsion systems. Same-day Reusable Launch Vehicles that do not require specialised space-launch infrastructure, integrate with everyday aircraft in nearby airspace and launch as often and routinely as commercial aviation. Non-toxic high performance propulsion systems for satellites of all sizes. For small satellites, they simplify systems and replace the poisonous and highly-regulated fuel, hydrazine. For CubeSats, they increase capabilities by supplying 1,000x higher performance than electric-based propulsion systems. By building these technologies in tandem, Dawn is creating the end-to-end architecture required for delivering, positioning and returning spacecraft in a highly scalable and environmentally conscious way.
dClimate is the world’s first transparent, decentralized marketplace where climate data, forecasts, and models are standardized, monetized, and distributed. The marketplace connects data publishers directly with data consumers, making climate data more accessible and reliable. When data providers share data and forecasts with the market it is automatically scored for reliability, which helps consumers to shop for information. In exchange, dClimate creates a simple, direct-to-consumer distribution mechanism to monetize their work.
At Decisive Farming, we offer highly effective farm management solutions to grain, oilseed and pulse farmers. Geared toward farm profitability and ease-of-use, our variable rate technology, crop marketing and information management services are setting the standard in quality and service.
Deep Planet is building an AI or machine-learning platform that leverages satellite imagery and IOT sensors to deliver actionable insights in wine grape growing, helping growers and winemakers. The company is supported by the European Space Agency, University of Oxford, EIT Food, H2020, Copernicus Incubation Programme and SPRINT. We have been named as one of FoodTech 500 startups and one of 50 Game Changers in Thames Valley.
DSS is a dynamic young company of aerospace engineering professionals. Incorporated in 2001, DSS is an award-winning aerospace business with a reputation for innovation recognized by NASA and Johnson Space Center as their small business subcontractor of the year in 2009. Our primary expertise is in the design, development, integration, test, launch and operation of human and robotic exploration spacecraft. Deep Space Systems hardware development efforts include the engineering camera system for the Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle.
Driven by our vision of reliable connectivity anywhere, Dejero delivers fast and dependable connectivity required for cloud computing, online collaboration, and the secure exchange of video and data. With our global partners, Dejero supplies the equipment, software, connectivity services, cloud services, and support to provide the uptime and bandwidth critical to the success of today’s organizations.
Deliveroo owns and operates an online food delivery platform in the United Kingdom. Its platform allows users to order food from local restaurants. Gregory Orlowski and William Shu founded Deliveroo in 2012. It has its headquarters in London in the United Kingdom.
Delos is a real estate company that focuses on tech, health, design and science to improve human health in the built environment.
Descartes Labs is a geospatial intelligence company with science and technology at its core. Launching out of Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2014, we build models of the earth to power the analysis of the world’s largest physical systems. Our data science and software solutions create new sources of operational advantage for Agriculture, CPG, and Mining companies. Descartes Labs is headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has a presence in New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Denver.
#InsurTech at the forefront of #datadriven #riskmodelling and transfer, we empower businesses to build #resilience in the face of #climatechange.
We help solve hard social and environmental problems with open data and open technology. We specialize in building tools that derive useful insights from complex data. To do that we bring some of the world's best engineers, machine learning experts, data scientists, and designers to every product. Our data products analyze massive streaming datasets to help groups like NASA, UNICEF, and the Washington Post to analyze and respond to hurricanes, refugee crises, and elections.
Dhruva Space is founded and managed by a group of entrepreneurs who previously worked with companies like Exseed Space, ams AG, Cisco & KPMG. Our Vision is to become a leader in Small Satellite Engineering and offer Space Infrastructure as a service to power space based applications on Earth & Beyond.
DiDi Global Inc. (NYSE: DIDI) is the world’s leading mobility technology platform. It offers a wide range of app-based services across Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa, as well as in Central Asia and Russia, including ride hailing, taxi hailing, chauffeur, hitch and other forms of shared mobility as well as auto solutions, food delivery, intra-city freight and financial services.
Digantara is an Indian Space Technology Company incubated at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), establishing a space-based surveillance platform with global real-time earth coverage by deploying a constellation of cost-efficient nanosatellites in LEO (Low Earth Orbit) along with precise modeling through an AI-ML based algorithm to provide predictive and robust space-based situational awareness services.
At Digital Map Products, we provide context to the world around you with the most extensible location intelligence platform available. For more than 19 years, we’ve been on a mission to embed the power of location technology into the workflows of every business and government entity in North America, helping them make better, faster decisions. Our location intelligence platform provides businesses and government agencies with compelling insights to make the most confident decisions.
Disaster Tech is a veteran owned public benefit company on a mission to accelerate decision-support technologies for situational awareness, operational coordination, and planning before, during, and after disasters. Our goal is to save lives, protect the environment, and help build resilient communities through advanced analytics and distributed high-performance computing.
door2door ermöglicht die Integrierung eigener digitalisierter Ridepooling-Dienste in bestehende Verkehrsangebote. Durch intelligente Technik und umfangreiche Beratungs- und Dienstleistungen können Sie Ihr eigenes Mobilitätsangebot innovativ, effizient und nachhaltig erweitern. Unsere Unabhängigkeit in der Mobilitätsbranche ermöglicht es uns, unseren Fokus auf die Umsetzung unserer Vision eines nachhaltigen Nahverkehrs zu setzen. Gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern gestalten wir den Weg für die Zukunft der Mobilität mit einem Nahverkehr so komfortabel wie das eigene Auto.
At DoorDash, our mission to empower local economies shapes how our team members move quickly and always learn and reiterate to support merchants, Dashers and the communities we serve. We are a technology and logistics company that started with door-to-door delivery, and we are looking for team members who can help us go from a company that is known for delivering food to a company that people turn to for any and all goods.
We are dott. We’re on a mission to improve European city life. We believe in a future where inner cities will be free of cars and pollution. And we believe we can make that happen by offering our dockless, shared electrical scooters and bikes as convenient alternatives for short-distance travel. Our mission is to beautifully design micro-mobility for safety, comfort and durability.
EagleView is a leader in aerial imagery, machine learning derived data analytics and software, helping customers in different industries use property insights for smarter planning, building and living. With 200+ patents, EagleView pioneered the field of aerial property measurements and has the largest multi-modal image database in history covering 98 percent of the U.S. population. With over 9.5 million linear miles flown every year, EagleView’s coverage is the most extensive and up to date, enabling local government and business customers to use the most accurate data to make timely and informed decisions.
EARTH AI invented breakthrough mineral targeting technology that found copper, zinc and vanadium mineral prospects >100X cheaper and faster than traditional mineral exploration by training on continent-wide Remote Sensing, Geophysical and Exploration datasets to predict and find minerals in unexplored areas!
Earth-i is a GeoSpatial Intelligence company using machine learning, artificial intelligence and Earth Observation data to provide timely and rich insights that help businesses, governments and other organisations gain advantage and maximise opportunities. Earth-i provides advanced analytics using automated interpretation of a range of geospatial Earth Observation data sources including colour imagery, colour video, infra-red and radar, from a range of sources including satellite, drone, aerial and ground based sensors. This data is fused with additional data sources to extract factual understanding and generate predictive insights across a range of markets such as supply chain management, construction, infrastructure, agriculture and defence.
Earthshot Labs is building the technology and expert guidance to develop and finance nature based carbon projects globally. Our mission is to restore nature at the planetary scale. Seizing the unprecedented opportunity of the carbon market, Earthshot is building the technology and operational capacity to scale carbon credits globally in alignment with regenerative principles. LandOS is a tech enabled platform that guides land stewards step-by-step guidance through the carbon development process. Biome uses the smartphone’s augmented reality capabilities, whether based on IR or LiDAR, combined with the camera in order to create a three dimensional map of all the trees surrounding the user.
Eaze delivers good with the goods. As California’s largest legal cannabis marketplace for delivery, we bring enjoyment and convenience to our customers, break down barriers to access, and cultivate community in everything we do. With over six million cannabis deliveries to-date, we are committed to creating a more diverse and sustainable industry through our Momentum business accelerator and Social Equity Partners Program.
EchoStar Corporation is a premier global provider of satellite communication solutions. Headquartered in Englewood, Colo., and conducting business around the globe, EchoStar is a pioneer in secure communications technologies through its Hughes Network Systems and EchoStar Satellite Services business segments.
Edgybees’ pioneering platform delivers real-time, high-speed augmented reality experiences to anything that moves. Using sensors and streaming data, AR application developers can now deliver overlays that keep up with a three-dimensional human experience of high-speed motion. The Edgybees platform contains a set of unique, patent-pending capabilities packaged in the form of a developer SDK coupled with its back-end SaaS services. This ability opens the door to exciting new consumer and commercial applications of high-speed AR on a wide range of devices. Edgybees was co-founded in 2016 by Menashe Haskin, former manager of the Amazon Prime Air Israeli development office, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, together with CEO Adam Kaplan and Vice President for Research and Development Nitay Megides.
In today's world, petabytes of data are created every day. The majority of that data has a spatial component. Organizations able to tap into spatial data analytics have a unique opportunity to gain an edge and deliver valuable client insights. Ellipsis Drive is a cloud native plug and play solution for easy collaboration and link-based sharing of spatial data. Uploading spatial data to the Ellipsis Drive transforms cold storage data into an interoperable and editable web map. Ready for realtime collaboration, analysis with your favorite GIS software and easy sharing of spatial data among colleagues, partners and your clients. This increases operational efficiency, decreases human error and helps to sell more spatial data faster.
Hundred times faster internet access in urban settings and remote locations.