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Software Engineering Lead (Front end development)



Software Engineering
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Posted on Saturday, February 10, 2024

About the company:

At Trimble/Transporeon, we are pioneers in providing cloud-based solutions for Dock Scheduling and Yard Management. Our mission is to optimize supply chain processes for global players across diverse industries. With our innovative products, we empower our customers with transparency, efficiency, and real-time visibility, bridging the gap between warehouses and trucks on the road, connecting ‘walls to wheels’. Join us and be part of the transformation that shapes the future of global supply chains.

About the role:

As a Software Engineering Lead at Transporeon, you will play a crucial role in expanding our groundbreaking product to revolutionize supply chains on a global level. Collaborating with a dynamic team of developers and product owners, you will analyze, design, and implement astonishing and innovative features that drive efficiency and deliver an exceptional user experience. With our market-driven roadmap, you will work in agile sprints, integrating with internal and external services to deliver high-quality software that exceeds customer expectations.

Your responsibilities:

  • Analyze and design innovative products and features in the realm of Dock Scheduling and Yard Management.

  • Collaborate closely with your development team and product owner during refinement meetings to shape our cutting-edge solutions.

  • Integrate with various internal and external services to enhance functionality and deliver seamless user experiences.

  • Uphold best practices in testing, including pair programming, code reviewing, and applying industry-standard testing methodologies.

We need you because:

  • You possess 5+ years of solid experience working with Angular, demonstrating expertise in component-based architecture, modules, services, directives, and dependency injection.

  • Your proficiency in core web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is outstanding, accompanied by a strong understanding of semantic HTML markup, responsive web design, and CSS preprocessors like Sass or Less.

  • You have a proven track record of working with Google Material Design, leveraging Angular Material components, theming, layout grids, and responsive design principles.

  • TypeScript holds no secrets for you, and you are well-versed in its features, including static typing, interfaces, classes, and decorators.

  • Your knowledge of consuming RESTful APIs using Angular's HttpClient module is extensive, and you are skilled in handling asynchronous operations and managing HTTP requests and responses.

  • Git is your trusted version control system, and you possess a deep understanding of its workflows, branching, merging, and conflict resolution.

  • You have hands-on experience with unit testing frameworks like Jasmine or Jest, as well as end-to-end testing using tools such as Protractor or Cypress. You are adept at debugging and profiling applications using browser developer tools.

  • Building responsive web applications that work seamlessly across devices and browsers is second nature to you, leveraging CSS media queries and responsive design principles.

  • You possess a keen eye for design, typography, and user experience, translating design mockups and wireframes into visually appealing and functional user interfaces.

  • Your strong problem-solving skills, ability to work independently and collaboratively, and effective communication skills make you an ideal fit for our dynamic team.

Join us at Trimble/Transporeon and become a catalyst in transforming global supply chains. Are you ready to embrace the challenges of optimizing supply chain processes for our esteemed global customers? Apply now and be part of the revolution.