If you want to make an impact, join a team developing the next generation of space computing platforms. We are looking for passionate, self-motivated, highly talented, and capable individuals to join our cutting-edge project. We are looking for Software Architect to work with the state-of-the-art technologies, design, and architecture of Ramon.Space DCiS (Data Center in Space).

Come join a team that leads the most challenging and interesting technological domain with many SW technologies, algorithms, and a wide SW stack!

What you will be doing

  • Design, lead, and develop complex and versatile software solutions. This includes technical leadership and working closely with other stakeholders in the organization such as system engineers.
  • Follow through from concept to product along with hands-on coding and supporting complex integrations of the various parts of the system.


  • Proven and demonstratable previous experience with SW architecture.
  • Highly verbal and technical writing skills, in establishing complex technical designs and collaterals.
  • Deep knowledge of HW architectures, OS implementation details, and HW-SW partitioning.
  • Proven track record in solving complex problems, being creative, learning, and adopting new domains.
  • Ability to mentor and lead engineers from a technical perspective. An astute learner and teacher.
  • Wide familiarity with development tool chains, automation tools, debugging capabilities, and software methodologies, both for internal usage and customers.
  • Proficiency in C, C++, Python, and assemblers.
  • Excellent teamwork skills, ability for independent work while maintaining clarity and visibility, proactive approach, and drive to influence and contribute.


  • Experience with storage systems (NVMe, block devices, stream storage).
  • Experience with HW acceleration for ML/AI.
  • Experience with telecommunications systems and modems (wireless and wired).
  • Experience with cybersecurity.
  • Experience with VMs, dockers.
  • Experience with ARM Cortex-A CPUs.
  • Experience with Xilinx tool chains and echo systems.