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Software & System Integration Engineer



Oxford, UK
Posted on Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Who are we?

Oxa is enabling the transition to self-driving vehicles through an initial focus on the most commercially advanced sector; the autonomous shuttling of goods and people.We are home to some of the world’s leading experts on autonomous vehicles, creating solutions such as Oxa Driver, equipping vehicles with full self-driving functionality; Oxa MetaDriver, using Generative AI to accelerate and assure the safety of deployments; and Oxa Hub, a set of cloud-based offerings for autonomous fleet management. Our technology is being deployed across the UK and the U.S, and we’re partnering with a fast-growing ecosystem of operators, vehicle OEMs and equipment makers serving autonomous transportation globally as it advances.

Based in Oxford, and with offices in Canada and the U.S, Oxa was founded in 2014 and is growing rapidly (350+ ‘Oxbots’ to date). Our purpose is to change the way the Earth moves, through an uncompromising focus on safety, efficiency and explainability of our AI approaches. The company has attracted $225 million from leading investors so far, with $140 million raised in the last Series C funding round in January 2023.

Your Role:

Autonomous vehicles depend on sensor data and our Sensor & Compute team is at the very heart of Oxa’s software and platform development. This team makes it possible for vehicles to know where they are and what is around them. Furthermore, by analysing the quality of data at run-time, the products of the Sensor & Compute team allow vehicles to gauge and predict their own performance and safety margins.

The Sensor & Compute team is responsible for developing high-performance sensor drivers, with a strong emphasis on working closely with development teams to understand their needs. We care about sensor quality, health, and optimality with respect to our algorithms. We ensure that interfaces are well-defined and documented and that all teams are fully supported.

The diversity of sensor types along with a multitude of calibration, data quality, and inference challenges makes the Sensor & Compute team a fast-paced and exciting team.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Integrate complex vehicle systems into a coherent whole to enable our software to be developed and tested on our autonomous vehicles.
  • Basic software development for integration of hardware and improving the automation process.
  • Establish and manage the development of test bench infrastructure for evaluating performance, including hardware and software components.
  • Working practically with our autonomous vehicles, demonstrating passion for robotics and autonomous systems.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to analyse test results, identify performance limitations, and implement corrective actions.
  • Using your understanding of the physics of self-driving car sensing technology (e.g. LiDAR, Cameras, RADAR).
  • Investigating the combination of the autonomous software stack and new hardware to ensure functionality is as intended.
  • Using your strong data exploration experience to ensure each new platform is delivered to the same Oxa standard.
  • Write and perform test cases for these systems.
  • Understand the safety and legislative requirements for your work.
  • Debug electrical and hardware problems for new components integrated on test vehicles.
  • Contributing to internal process documents around the design, test, build and sign-off of new platforms
  • Contributing to internal user documentation for the commissioning process for repeat vehicles
  • Producing Field Bugs documents and participating in agile planning processes (Jira)
  • Contributing to Autonomous Vehicle Daily Checklists.