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Los Angeles, CA, USA · United States · Pasadena, CA, USA


51-200 employees

founded in


OffWorld is OffWorld developing a new generation of universal industrial robots to do the heavy lifting on the Moon, asteroids and Mars.They envision millions of smart robots working under human supervision on and offworld, turning the inner solar system into a better, gentler, greener place for life and civilization.They can’t simply export the 20th century heavy industrial paradigm offworld. So in pursuit of their offworld aspirations, they are reinventing how they mine, process, manufacture and build cities on Earth. They’ve launched dozens of satellites. They’ve built air-breathing rocket engines. They’ve built orbital spacecraft. They’ve built dozens of robots. They’ve run global technology companies. They have run large infrastructure projects. Collectively, they have been learning and gearing up for this challenge for 150 years.

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