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Space Engineering Intern

mu Space Corp

mu Space Corp

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Posted on Tuesday, October 24, 2023


          • Engineering
            Research & Analysis
          • The intern will be assigned to at least one work package and will be responsible for conducting the following activities generally:
            • Requirements Review
            • Work Proposal
            • Work Delivery
            • Work Presentation

          • Work option:
            • Orbital Analysis of Equatorial Orbit Earth Observation System
            • Orbital Analysis of Equatorial Orbit Internet Satellite System
            • TinyGS
            • Flight Computer Design
            • Research of the FMECA of Small Satellites in LEO
          • A prospective intern shall conduct at least one work option. Detailed work package and requirements will be provided prior to the beginning of the internship.
          • These requirements are prioritized in this order. It will be great if your skills have some proof, but educational background can be sufficient.
          • Experience
            • Experience with orbital mechanics and orbital analysis tools (e.g., NASA GMAT)
            • Experience with IoT devices (e.g., ESP32)
            • Experience with using controllers and processors (e.g., STM32)
            • Experience with research and literature review
          • Skills
            • Analytics
            • Literature Review
            • Aero/mechanical Design
            • Systems Engineering
            • Electronics Design
            • Software and Data

          • Educational Background
            • Completed high school
            • In between studies or have completed a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering or equivalent

mu Space and Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. (mu Space Corp) is an aerospace manufacturer and satellite internet service provider in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2017, the company’s vision is to pave the way for the next generation and reinvent the future of technology and international space travel. Based in Bangkok and growing in research and development, the company’s goal is to be a global leader in aerospace manufacturing and internet service providers.

Industry: Aviation & Aerospace

Location: Pearl Bangkok, BTS Ari