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Mobius Labs
Mobius Labs


Berlin, Germany


Information Technology · Software · DeepTech


11-50 employees


Series A

founded in



Computer vision has made major leaps in the last few years. We at Mobius Labs are going a step further: it’s no longer just Computer Vision, it’s Superhuman Vision. Superhuman Vision means instantly transforming thousands of images and videos into insight, experience, and advantage. Our technology supercharges visual searches by understanding everything about an image or a video, and automatically creating metadata for the same. Superhuman Vision also means giving edge devices (like laptops and smartphones) the ability to instantly understand and analyze images, video footages, and real-life scenarios. We strive to create cutting-edge technology that empowers anyone to interact with media in groundbreaking ways. This is computer vision that non-techies can train using very little data, deploy to edge devices, and enable their businesses to seize markets where there are images or videos to analyze. We believe that Vision is a power. Our goal is to add Superhuman Vision to any application, device or process, thus giving you unassailable competitive advantage. To get in touch, drop us an email at or visit our website listed below.

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