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Propulsion Test Engineer

Manastu Space

Manastu Space

Quality Assurance
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Propulsion Test Engineer Manastu Space Technologies Full Time Powai, Mumbai About Manastu Space We believe that due to limited resources on the planet, there is a need to look out for an alternative to solve our problems, and that another side is space. This option is viable only if we have low-cost and sustainable access to space. Manastu Space is working with the exact vision of reducing the cost of access to space. We are a Space Safety and Logistics Company, using technology to save the Trillion $ Space industry from Debris Pollution in Space. We believe that the problems of Earth can be solved using Space. However, the rapid increase in the number of satellites is also increasing the risk of satellite collision, leading to Debris pollution- making space a dangerous place for other satellites as well as astronauts. To prevent this, we are developing an Agile, Safe, Efficient and Affordable Green Propulsion System with a new fuel, engine and catalyst for the engine to avoid... satellite collision in space and prevent Debris Pollution, which can hence be a potential green alternative to the current monopropellant propulsion technology. Manastu Space is seeking a propulsion test engineer who will be responsible for planning, setting up, executing, and analyzing hot-fire tests of rocket engines. This role will work closely with AIT, manufacturing, and operations teams to test thruster designs and components. Responsibilities: Develop detailed test plans and procedures for hot-fire tests, ensuring all objectives are met. Review and interpret technical documents including P&IDs, operating procedures, and design specifications. Design and model propulsion test facilities and stands using CAD and simulation software. Set up test stands by installing instrumentation, propellant feed systems, data acquisition systems, and implementing safety measures. Execute hot-fire tests, including operating test sequences, monitoring systems for issues, and collecting data. Analyze hot-fire test data to evaluate thruster performance characteristics such as thrust, specific impulse, efficiency, thermal response, and stability. Identify thruster design issues based on test results and recommend improvements to engineering team. Generate comprehensive test reports documenting procedures, results, analysis, and conclusions. Ensure test operations comply with safety regulations and standards. Technical Skills: In-depth knowledge of liquid monopropellant rocket engine design and operation principles. Hands-on experience setting up, instrumentation, and conducting thruster hot-fire tests. Experience operating test facility propellant feed systems and test sequences. Knowledge of sensor calibration, data acquisition systems, and analysis software. Proficiency with methods and modeling to analyze thruster performance from test data. Understanding of statistics, uncertainty analysis, and experimental design. CAD and simulation skills for modeling test facilities. Proficiency in MATLAB and other code is desirable. Other Skills: Attention to detail and proven analytical skills. Ability to interpret technical documents including P&IDs, procedures, and specifications. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and prioritize tasks. Excellent communication and teamwork skills. Strong technical writing skills for test plans and reports. Creativity and problem-solving skills. Adherence to safety procedures and attention to quality. Essential Bachelors degree or above in Aerospace Engineering. Minimum 1 year experience in an aerospace company,

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