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Manastu Space
Manastu Space


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India · Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


11-50 employees

founded in


Manastu Space is a Space Safety and Logistics Company, using technology to save the Trillion $ Space industry from Debris Pollution in Space. We believe Space has the power to solve multiple problems on the earth and help 7B people directly or indirectly. Using internet satellites for 3.5B people who don’t have access to the internet, monitoring crop production, disaster monitoring, food production estimation, insurance, border security etc. We, at Manastu Space, are on a mission to bring ‘Space for all Mankind’ By making space Safe, Sustainable and Accessible with our agile, efficient and affordable i.e sustainable technologies starting with satellite green propulsion and debris collision avoidance system. The rapid increase in the number of satellites is also increasing the risk of satellite collision, leading to Debris pollution- making space a dangerous place for other satellites as well as astronauts. To prevent this, we are developing an agile, safe, efficient and affordable Green Propulsion System with a new fuel, engine and catalyst for the engine.

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