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Senior Product Manager (Kio Cloud)

New York, NY, USA
Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2024
At, we build technologies that help transform buildings into indoor spaces that are useful for people in their daily journey to accomplish their goals, working or being cared for, in a safe & sustainable indoor environment.
Over the past 24 months, has entered a new growth trajectory steaming from the smart building vertical. We grew from 30 to 90 people and quadrupled our ARR - all while remaining extremely capital efficient. Now, we are entering the next growth stage, taking the business from $10M+ to $100M+ ARR.
As a Sr. Product Manager at, you’ll take on the exciting challenge of becoming the Product Manager of our Kio Cloud. Your mission is to make the No1 indoor location solution provider.
You will drive the Kio Cloud Product portfolio from the backend to data streams, including the AI Location Engine and Occupancy Engine using Thermal Imaging and AI. You will help create and drive the strategy, vision, and roadmap, with a high degree of ownership over critical features and the customer experience. You’ll need excellent business analysis skills as well as product planning/ SCRUM management chops to keep multiple parallel work streams going at the same time. You will be responsible for working with an array of stakeholders, including the CEO, CRO and VP of Engineering, to plan and drive product development and go to market. You will report to the US-based VP of Product.


  • Lead product development, design and strategy of the Kio Cloud, all APIs, BLE-based Location Engine algorithm development and AI model development for Thermal Occupancy Engines
  • Work with the Kio Cloud engineering team (software engineers, data scientists) and key cross-functional 3rd party partners to prioritize and deliver the roadmap
  • Work closely with other departments to ensure alignment on the vision and execution (R&D, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, etc.)
  • Lead requirements gathering effort on the epics and stories as needed — consulting with product management and other stakeholders
  • Lead and devise strategic experiments and exploratory tests to continually enhance overall computation engine performance as well as the platform’s ability to learn
  • Engage and work closely with data scientists and engineers, helping prioritize features, tracking and validating product development and working on product launch plans
  • Participate and provide product guidance on over-engineering and data science innovation initiatives
  • Participate in product pilot and rollout testing
  • Work with key stakeholders to develop strategic initiatives and then work to evolve those initiatives into detailed programs/ project plans (including roadmaps, budget, and resource planning)
  • Provide expert guidance on pre-rollout test strategy and best practices
  • Track progress, resolve dependencies, evaluate risks and communicate status to upper management and project stakeholders
  • Track project timeline and ensure key milestones are met
  • Manage all aspects of the rolled-out product, including customer feedback, requirements, and issues


  • Technical degree in engineering, computer science, mathematics/data science or related field
  • Start-up experience (work in a minimally-structured environment)
  • 6+ years of product management experience building products from ideation to launch
  • Experience with cloud environments (e.g., AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud)
  • Familiarity with the data science model development lifecycle (data preparation, model training, etc.)
  • Understanding of SaaS architecture patterns such as microservices; non-relational databases, etc., as well as high-velocity data pipelines required for IoT applications
  • Understanding AI/ML concepts and algorithms and/or processes related to the model development lifecycle and want to learn more (for example, in the areas of people detection, real-time location and tracking)
  • Experience with complex-stack products and solutions that include both hardware and software is valuable
  • Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced, start-up environment and do whatever it takes to get the job done
  • A self-starter with excellent quantitative, analytical and interpersonal communication skills
  • Entrepreneurial spirit & ability to wear many hats with minimal direction
  • Excellent ability to communicate business and product stories in a concise, compelling way to drive alignment and buy-in across the organization to both technical and non-technical audiences
Virtues and Culture
Customer leadership is the key. If a customer has a problem, we don’t wait. We understand what customer needs, and we tailor our services and products around the customer. It doesn’t mean that we let the customer lead us. It means that we think about the customer first.
Growth mindset - we commit to results and growth. We are responsible for results, not for the activity or time spent. If we believe we can’t achieve a result or a job, it’s our duty to raise the voice, push back, and explain what we suggest instead. We don’t see results as something static - ever. This means that our results and expectations are becoming more ambitious, quarter over quarter. We constantly evolve.
Challenge, inspire, respect - we are the challenger in the marketplace. When working with each other - or with customers - we enjoy and desire to challenge each other. We listen, reflect, and respond. We aim to understand the point of view of the other party and if there is customer merit in the argument. When we challenge, we articulate our hypothesis clearly and provide data and evidence in our argumentation. We respect the time of our colleagues. We have a zero-tolerance toward discrimination of any kind. We respect the environment.
Systematic execution - We recognize that the start-up journey will only be successful if we learn twice as much as others in half the time. For us, innovation also means continuous improvement in all fields. We think in systems when driving results, growth, and learning.
Act with urgency - We have a sense of urgency in everything we do - at all times. It’s deeply rooted in the belief that as an up-start, as a challenger, we need to drive value for our customers faster and better than anybody else in the marketplace. We do things outside of the personal comfort zone.