Intersec Group is a leading Geodata software vendor found in Paris in 2004. We are 150 people who we develop innovative products allowing telecom operators to leverage data acquired through their networks, to enrich their services, improve their internal processes and to derive additional revenues.

Our technology process and consolidate massive amounts of data from heterogeneous computing devices and networks, transforming them into real-time factual elements that are intelligible for decision-making.
Our modular and highly scalable solutions range from basic customer management to location-based services and business analytics.
They are deployed in more than 60 countries, through an open architecture, with no 3rd party dependency.

We have the great pleasure to partner with stature telecoms operators like Orange, SFR, Moov, Telus, Telefonica, Mobinil, True, STC, Etisalat, Du, Vodafone…

The booming need for such technologies in the field of public safety, enforcement of GDPR shaking the ad-tech ecosystem and 5G-led equipment and new applications are the three major catalysts driving market tractions on our products.

Our Philosophy:

We love creating state-of-the-art software. Therefore, we have developed our own databases: they exactly meet our performance needs through careful design, and allow us to control our products, without major recourse to external dependencies!

We are very attentive to the quality of our software; we believe in the KISS principle (Keep It Stupid Simple) and everything we put into production first goes through peer reviewing.

We are looking for teammates who share our philosophy: passion for technology, willingness to learn and try new things, teamwork. We work in a pleasant and relaxed environment.

Within our R&D (+45 people),in France, you will join one of our teams and you will contribute to the development of our location-based solutions and the processing of large volumes of real-time data.

You will work with back-end and front-end development engineers to implement new features, maintain them, continuously improve the code base, and stay tuned to the evolution of back-end and front-end technologies.



In charge of front-end, the ergonomics of our solutions, you participate in all phases of the implementation of a feature:

  • Work closely with Product Owners to understand customer needs.
  • The technical design of the feature based on its functional description and the definition of the architecture of the solution (how are we going to achieve it?)
  • The implementation: the writing of an elegant and efficient code in the front-end of our products so that the functionality is effective in TypeScript with VUE.JS 3
  • Reviewing the code of your fellow developers so that everyone can improve the quality of the code, as well as their own capabilities.
    Ensure that the UX and UI are as efficient as possible with our UX UI designer.
    Maintain and rework parts of code that, with experience, could be improved in TypeScript.


You are involved in all phases of the implementation of features:

  • The technical design based on functional description defining the architecture of the back-end.
  • Implementation: writing elegant and efficient code in C and Python languages.
  • Review the code of your fellow developers, so everyone contributes to improve the quality of the code.
  • We use Gerrit to do our peer reviewing.
  • Ensure that performance remains excellent, by performing regular benchmarks.
  • The current challenges: 5G, scalability, geo-redundancy and elasticity of our databases and main frameworks, adaptation to different infrastructures, streaming calculations & pre-calculations, modularization of APIs, “cloudification”, improved performance and reliability of our applications…


What are we looking for?

  • We are looking for an experienced Javascript and Python Development Engineer, comfortable with technologies and able to make new proposals to improve our code.
  • An autonomous person who likes to take initiatives and try new things.
  • You have excellent knowledge of Javascript to work on our front-end and a good level in Python and C languages to work on our back-end technology.
  • You work fluently and efficiently on Linux.
  • Bonus: You master one of the common JavaScript frameworks (Vue.js ideally), you have python skills and know how to use Git.
  • You have strong knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a cross-functional, multi-site team.

Why is it interesting?

  • You will be able to build features from A to Z
  • You will work in a rich environment with many different use cases
  • You will be able to improve our stack continuously and experiment with new tools
  • You will progress in your technical knowledge and skills every day, tackling new problems and working with competent colleagues.
  • We have open-sourced components of our technologies on Github, and are looking for colleagues who have a taste for sharing.

Our technical environment:

  • Codebase: Typescript, JavaScript and homemade product core in C language: data structures, databases, protocol stack, rules engine, etc.
  • Frameworks: VueJS 3 for the interface, as well as a legacy of Backbone.js being migrated.
  • Testing frameworks: Selenium/Behave (Python) for continuous integration testing and Jasmine for unit testing
  • Version control system: Git
  • Environment: Linux (Ubuntu, Debian or any other distro you are comfortable with)
  • IDE: whichever you prefer, we have configurations for VSCode, Vim, Emacs
  • Tools & Libraries: Webpack, Bootstrap, Highchart, JSPlumb, Leaflet
  • Other tools: clang, ASAN, gcc, gdb, valgrind


  • If you are looking to work on promising projects,
  • If you are enthusiastic about innovation and telecom networks,
  • If you are looking for a team open to innovation and initiative,
  • If you like multicultural environments (+25 nationalities),
  • If you are looking for an environment with a strong technological culture: blog, hackathon, show & tell, best practices / standby,
  • What we value? agility, team spirit, innovation, benevolence,
  • Several “Well-being” and “team-building” activities,
  • Competitive health insurrence, remote friendly,