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Product Manager



Product, (Product Management), (Product Development)
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Posted on Wednesday, February 22, 2023
<p> <strong> <em>MISSION</em> </strong> </p><p>HyperVerge is a deep tech AI company that works in the BFSI and allied industries in India, US, ASEAN and Africa. Our market leading Face Recognition AI technology is ranked among the top few globally and certified by the top standards like NIST and iBeta. Our superior accuracy and engineering enables us to authenticate legitimate users and identify fraudsters across databases with tens of millions of users of an organization within a fraction of a second. Our platform has powered 600 Million automated identity verifications in the last 3 years</p><p>We are looking for a PM who can scale this stack globally in a product-led manner.</p><p>As a Product Manager at HyperVerge, you will be responsible for driving the vision, strategy and roadmap for driving product-market-fit and growth of the Identity platform across the US, Europe and other global markets. You will work with internal client-facing teams, customers and users to identify different needs and come up with innovative features to help onboard new businesses or help retain and grow existing businesses.</p><p>You will bring together cross-functional teams and use strong business, technical, analytical and leadership skills to drive them and build a world-class product. You need to understand the large strategic vision well enough to make short and long term trade-offs across different products.</p><p> <strong> <em>OUTCOMES EXPECTED – FIRST 18 months</em> </strong> </p><p><strong>Mission</strong>: Launch the Identity product for global markets and drive adoption with a product-led growth motion</p><ol> <li>Product Market Fit</li> </ol><ul> <li>Lead discovery conversations with prospects in various segments to identify targets for ideal customer segments and appropriate product offering that meets the needs in that market</li> <li>Understand the state of existing solutions in the market and position the product for competitive differentiation</li> <li>Interact with subject matter experts and industry regulators to understand the current and future needs of the market</li> <li>Build and execute on a plan for attaining PMF in the chose markets </li> </ul><ol> <li>Product Growth</li> </ol><ul> <li>Build a product-led growth motion to drive adoption of the product </li> <li>Simplify the onboarding journey of a customer for effective low-friction self-serve activation on to the product</li> <li>Contribute to strategic positioning of the product and product marketing initiatives </li> </ul><ol> <li>Product Building/Roadmap</li> </ol><ul> <li>Provide product requirements to the engineering team in terms of features and user stories. Focus on requirements from a why and what perspective, allowing design and engineering teams the flexibility to decide on how to implement</li> <li>Manage the roadmap of the product &amp; prioritization around the features &amp; functionalities</li> <li>Might need to work with UX designers to help create delightful experiences for different stakeholders</li> <li>Be the quality czar for the product and make sure that every feature being launched is being held to the highest product standards</li> </ul><ol> <li>Products Iterations and Improvements</li> </ol><ul> <li>Work closely with sales and customer success to understand what our customers want and make sure that the roadmap delivers those needs</li> <li>Engage with the customers and users to get constant feedback on how HyperVerge is solving their problems and incorporate this into the product features </li> <li>Continuously understand and benchmark against competitors’ offerings on features, quality, pricing, target segments, etc</li> <li>Ensure product roadmap incorporates emerging market trends and competitive offerings</li> <li>Use data to understand how the product and features are performing and take data-driven decisions to advance the product and user experience</li> </ul><p> <strong>Requirements</strong> </p><ol> <li>Experience as a PM in the B2B SaaS industry building digital products</li> <li>Strong background in and understanding of technology, software development and APIs</li> <li>Exposure to building products for the US and other developed markets</li> <li>Willingness to travel to client locations outside India as required</li> <li>Understanding of product-led growth</li> </ol><p> <em>An Ideal candidate would:</em> </p><ol> <li>Have a great sense of business, product and customers</li> <li>Be strong at analytical thinking and makes decisions regarding the strategic direction for the product and team</li> <li>Be excellent at communication and relationships and carries the team forward on the chosen direction</li> </ol>
HyperVerge is an equal opportunity employer.
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