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Software Engineer (Intern)

Charter Space

Charter Space

Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Software Engineer (Intern)

Job Posted
July 23, 2022 8:19 AM
Last Edited
November 29, 2023 5:30 AM
Los Angeles

What we’re looking for

Charter is seeking a software engineering intern who can learn and grow with us, and apply what you’ve picked up in school and across various projects to help us win. You’ll get to experience culture in an early stage startup and help us make sense of the its inherent chaos. You’ll also contribute to key architecture and technology decisions around how to best solve difficult problems with elegant and practical code.

Who you are

Infinitely curious, with a penchant for systematic and methodical thinking. If you think about solving problems in terms of progressive steps and pipelines that look like A → B → C → ... → Z, we want you.
You should also:
Thrive in a fast-paced environment which revolves around cross-disciplinary interaction and remote collaboration;
Have a passion for space and the capacity to learn fast, and be excited about contributing your talents to and making an impact in a rapidly expanding market;
Have a strong bias to action;
Be an Engineer’s Engineer - possessing the adaptability, drive, and the élan to make things happen;
Align with our values; and
Fundamentally believe that great change for the better is possible, if only we have the right cause, team, and timing.


Working closely with our Engineering team.
Researching and designing software programs to shape and build the core infrastructure of Charter's products.
Developing subject matter expertise in reading, writing, and implementing application code, with a focus on clean, easily maintained code
Picking up and enforcing best practices when writing application code.
Documenting the systems that you’ll help build and preparing reports on programming project specifications, activities, or statuses.
Developing plans of action for how to tackle technical challenges, and clearly communicating your rationale and considerations to the rest of the team.
Building systems that are observable, that we can learn from and improve on.
Present relevant findings to product team to help build features that are intuitive and efficient

Minimum Qualifications

Good experience (1+ years or equivalent) with programming languages (ideally in one or more of the following: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Haskell, Ruby, Go)
Currently enrolled in or possessing BSc/BEng in Computer Science, Information Systems, or equivalent, or other relevant Software Engineering background.
Experience with Git
Excellent written communication skills
Comfortable working asynchronously in a distributed team
Organized and self-sufficient

Preferred Qualifications

Experience with TDD.
Experience with CI/CD
Working experience in software engineering teams from past internships.

Compatible Time Zones

This role is specifically for GMT+0 (London time) and is a hybrid role, so we're happy to receive both in-person and remote applications. Our current team members are distributed across different time zones including GMT-8 (Los Angeles), GMT-5 (NYC), GMT+0 (London), GMT+1 (Sweden), and GMT+8 (Singapore). Although we've found that it's easier to collaborate when everyone's in a similar time zone, if you're willing to stay up late or get up early, so are we.

About Us

Charter is building the new industry standard for satellite logistics.

How to Apply

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