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Senior Sales Operations Manager, Pre-Sales



Sales & Business Development, Operations
Warsaw, Poland · Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
Posted on Monday, November 13, 2023
In your role as the Senior Sales Operations Manager for the Top of Funnel, Pre-Sales, you will assume the responsibility for global lead generation. This encompasses taking ownership of the strategy, tools, enrichment processes, and the delivery of high-value leads intended for our teams across the globe. Your primary duties will revolve around leads that are not primarily generated through marketing efforts. This involves tasks such as sourcing, enriching, scoring, and nurturing leads situated at the uppermost segment of our sales funnel.

About Us

Bolt is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Europe and Africa, with over 100 million customers in 45+ countries. We’re a global team of more than 100 nationalities joined on a common mission – to make cities for people, not cars. And we need you to make it happen!

About The Role

The core objective for this position is to enhance the support provided to our sales teams operating across Europe and Africa. This entails supplying them with meticulously refined and cultivated sales leads integrated seamlessly into their CRM systems, tailored to align with the specific sales strategies of their respective markets. The primary goal of this role is to enhance the conversion rate of leads, adopt a more data-centric approach to our targeting methodologies, and curtail the time invested by our outbound sales teams in the processes of prospecting and lead refinement.

Your daily adventures will include:

  • Designing and Enhancing Scaled Lead Flows: Constructing and refining scaled lead flows. This involves testing communication frequency, diverse content types, value proposition messaging, and lead sources
  • Collaboration with Leadership: Close collaboration with leadership to execute and facilitate their targeting strategies
  • Tech Stack Engagement for Automation: Engaging with our tech stack to automate and fine-tune lead management processes
  • Management of External Suppliers and Partners: Oversight of external suppliers and partners, working in close partnership with them to enhance our lead journeys
  • Continuous Improvement of Lead Flows: Persistent efforts to improve and optimise our lead flows
  • Coordination with Content and Marketing Teams: Collaborating closely with content and marketing teams to conduct A/B testing of content and outreach strategies. The goal is to optimise for client experience, return on investment (ROI), and operational efficiency
  • Lead Scoring and Funnel Optimization: Take ownership of our lead scoring model and refine routing techniques to enhance funnel efficiency and elevate sales conversion rates
  • Lead Enrichment Strategy: Manage the strategy for enriching leads, aiming to elevate the quality of the prospect database. This facilitates effective segmentation and profiling
  • Collaboration with Cross-Functional Teams:Collaborate closely with sales, product, and marketing leadership to fine-tune our ideal customer profile, subsequently sourcing leads in alignment with this profile
  • Tech Stack Management: Assume responsibility for the associated tech stack, leading the administration and supervision of integrations, lead routing, field mapping, compliance, and optimization efforts
  • Evaluation and Implementation of Cold Lead Sources: Evaluate and execute the incorporation of cold lead sources, encompassing both global and local lead databases
  • Automation of Customer Journey: Identify opportunities for automating the customer journey, ensuring a balance between automation and maintaining a positive customer experience
  • Data Collection and Attribution: Ensure the collection of essential data at each stage of buyer engagement and provide accurate multi-touch attribution reporting
  • Analytics and Insights: Collaborate with internal teams to generate analytical reports, extracting insights that inform recommendations for enhancements and elevate performance benchmarks
  • Lead Automation Best Practices: Contribute an in-depth understanding of lead automation best practices. Actively lead, coordinate, and participate in key enhancement initiatives
  • Project Execution: Execute complex projects involving diverse data connections with speed and precision

About you:

  • Demonstrated expertise in overseeing Top of Funnel operations within mid to large B2B sales teams, preferably spanning multiple countries
  • Proficiency in comprehending lead scoring, lead enrichment, and lead nurturing frameworks, along with the ability to optimise these processes
  • Proven experience with sales engagement and outreach tools, coupled with the understanding of how appropriate tool utilisation can heighten efficiency and amplify sales return on investment (ROI)
  • Track record of working with substantial datasets, and the capacity to transform these datasets into actionable insights for extensive teams
  • Familiarity with Salesforce is highly advantageous

Experience is great, but what we really look for is drive, intelligence, and integrity. So even if you don’t tick every box, please consider applying if you feel you’re the kind of person described above!

Why you’ll love it here:

  • Play a direct role in shaping the future of mobility.
  • Impact millions of customers and partners in 500+ cities across 45 countries.
  • Work in fast-moving autonomous teams with some of the smartest people in the world.
  • Accelerate your professional growth with unique career opportunities.
  • Get a rewarding salary and stock option package that lets you focus on doing your best work.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of working in a hybrid mode.
  • Take care of your physical and mental health with our wellness perks.
  • Some perks may differ depending on your location.